Unlike indoor laser tag in a dark room where you get to shoot just anyone who comes your way, LaserStrike is a mission-based outdoor laser tag gameplay. It’s like being able to play a live action battle video game in a realistic battlefield. The gameplay is sufficiently straightforward for amateurs, yet has enough complexity for hardcore players.

Team Building

Laser Strike is an excellent way to have fun and build team spirit. With the high intensity challenges faced every day at work or even in ordinary life, this kind of activity promotes interpersonal relationships between group members and fosters team unity while having fun. Through role-playing and teamwork, participants can experience the joy and excitement of the game, and at the same time achieve the purpose of team building.

Events & Party

Take your party to a whole new level and step out of the mainstream. Your guests would surely enjoy this thrilling and exciting way to celebrate any occasion. Involve your guests and let them interact with each other through playing. Whether it is an epic battle party on your next birthday, a hardcore manly war for your friend’s bachelor party, or exiting fun for your child’s birthday, LaserStrike is a superb choice. We’re sure people will be taking about your party for quite some time!

Bond with the Family

Thinking of a fun activity for your family? – Bring them over. Suitable for children 6 years and older, you and your family will definitely have a blast doing a mission together. Family members can fully and freely engage in play and be involved in play tactics, which stimulates cooperation and interaction. What a great and exciting way to appreciate family affection and strengthen your family bond!