Choose one of these adrenaline-pumping missions:

  • Capture the Flag –
  • The goal of this game is simple. Each team will have a flag. A team needs to capture the free flag placed in a neutral position and the other team’s flag within the 30-minute time perimeter. The team who has three flags first or two flags at the end, wins.

  • Medical --
  • Each team has a Medical soldier who can revive his team members when they are out. The ousted player must stay at the point where he has been called out and should call for “help”. The aim is to protect and get the Medical soldier to revive these members safely, as the Medical soldier is not allowed to revive himself.

  • Protect the VIP –
  • One team will be the attacker, the other the defender. The attacking team’s goal is to find and exterminate the VIP. The defensive team must protect the VIP and keep the VIP alive throughout the duration of the game.

  • Rescue and Liberation –
  • The team’s goal is to rescue one of their men being held as hostage by the opponent within a limited amount of time.

  • Ultimate Survival –
  • In this game, you are on your own -- no team, no friends, and all others are your target. The aim is to ultimately survive the battle. You must use all your wits to protect yourself and stay alive until the end of the game.